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Periodontal Care

With Offices Conveniently Located in Johnston & Providence, Rhode Island 

Our office specializes in helping people achieve and maintain the highest level of oral health possible through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal, or gum disease.  We also offer  dental implant services to our patients who may need replacements for teeth they have lost so that they can look, feel, and function better.

Drs. Edward S. Katz, Gregory S. Theberge, Daniel P. DeCesare, and Daniel K. Coleman are periodontists, dentists who have had advanced specialty training with a concentration on the health of the soft and hard tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

Dental Implants Providence RI

Periodontists are also specialists in dental implants and the replacement of missing teeth. When you lose a tooth, you lose both the root and the crown. To replace the tooth, the periodontist first replaces the root with a small dental implant. Call our office to see if a dental implant is the right option to replace a missing tooth.

This expertise allows them to practice a full scope of advanced therapy ranging from the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease with state of the art techniques including laser therapy, cosmetic gum tissue procedures for smile enhancement and replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. Through this website, we hope you get to know our office a little better and explore the services we provide. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Proudly Offering Laser Periodontal Therapy:

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