Oral Cancer Screening

Human Papillomavirus Testing

Oral DNA  Human Papillomavirus Testing

Oral Cancer Screenings are a routine component of your examinations at Rhode Island Periodontics.

In addition to visual and physical examinations performed for the detection of existing cancerous lesions, we can also perform certain tests to detect the presence of invisible viruses that may be responsible for the development of certain types of cancers if they are allowed to go undetected. 

Oral Human Papillavirus (HPV) is a manifestation of the Human Papillomavirus in the mouth and throat otherwise known as the oropharynx. This virus is becoming more and more prevalent in younger and older adults and can be transmitted from person to person through intimate contact.  According the the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are at least 20 Million people in the United States who are infected by some form of the over 100 different strains of HPV known to exist. There are approximately 6 Million new cases of HPV infection reported each year.

Unfortunately, specific strains of Oral HPV are now considered to be significant risk factors for a person to develop certain types of oral and throat cancers. As early Oral HPV infection does not typically cause any clinical signs or symptoms, early detection and identification for the presence of HPV is important.  This can easily be done through a very simple test which can be done at Rhode Island Periodontics. A gentle oral rinse with sterile saline for 30 seconds is all that is needed to complete this evaluation.

Through the use of the OraRisk® HPV test, the doctors at Rhode Island Periodontics can efficiently detect and monitor a patient’s condition before more signifcant complications become evident. With early detection, appropriate and necessary referralls to our medical colleagues can be as extremely effective for the prevention of potentially life threatening diseases. 

 If you feel that either you or a loved one is in need of this test, please call our office for more information.